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Dewatering vibrating screen
Dewatering vibrating screen
  • Dewatering vibrating screen
Dewatering vibrating screen

Product Description:Dewatering vibrating screen

Product features:?The vibrating dewatering screen is mainly used for dewatering, desliming and demineralizing, which can be used in sandstone, slime, mine, etc.

Detailed description


The vibrating dewatering screen is mainly composed of screen box, exciter, supporting system and motor; it is driven by double vibrating motor or exciter (driven by two ordinary motors for reverse self synchronous rotation), so as to make the screen body move periodically and reciprocally in a straight line direction to achieve the purpose of classified dewatering.

Scope of application

The vibrating dewatering screen is mainly used for dewatering, desliming and demineralization. It can be used for washing sand in sand and stone plant, recovering slime in coal preparation plant, dry discharging of tailings in ore dressing plant, etc. Therefore, it is also called sand dewatering screen, mining dewatering screen, slime dewatering screen, tailings dewatering screen, etc.

The material quality advantages 

Ultra high molecular weight polyurethane /UHMW ---- PE material is used for the screen of dehydration screen, which has the characteristics of impact resistance, low temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, self lubrication and absorption of impact energy. The impact resistance is higher in all plastics, and the wear resistance is better than PTFE, nylon, carbon steel and other materials.

Product features:

  • The dewatering vibrating screen and the dewatering screen machine are installed horizontally as a whole, but the screen mesh must be installed at a negative angle to ensure the forced dewatering effect;

  • The screen used for dehydration screen can be stainless steel composite screen, tension type installation, or stainless steel welded seam screen plate, compression type installation to meet different needs;

  • The dewatering screen can adjust the vibration frequency at any time through the frequency converter to achieve high quality dewatering effect;

  • The dewatering screen is vibrated by self synchronous liquid lubrication vibrator, the screen frame is made of special noise reduction materials, and connected with high-strength bolts to ensure reliable operation and low noise of the screen machine. The working noise of the whole machine is 85dB (a), which is about 15dB lower than that of similar screen machines;

  • The arc screen surface is arranged in the feed section of the dewatering screen to improve the dewatering efficiency;

  • The dewatering screen is provided with a feeding box to ensure that the materials are evenly fed into the screen surface;

  • The dewatering screen is equipped with an integral underframe for easy handling and installation;

  • The dewatering screen relies on the filter layer on the screen to retain fine particles and backlog dehydration.

Instructions for selection of dewatering vibrating screen products:  

1. The dewatering vibrating screen machine is divided into single-layer and double-layer, and there are single motor gear hauling and double motor self synchronous hauling. Single motor hauling can be divided into left loading and right loading.

2. The screen structure has slit screen and perforated screen plate. If woven screen and rubber screen plate are selected, they can be designed as required.

3. In order to meet the screening efficiency requirements, if necessary, the screen surface and the horizontal plane can be installed at an angle of 2-10.

4. Except for zsm185 vibrating screen bolts with M20 and M16 specifications, all other foundation bolts of the screen machine are M20, which are provided by the user.

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